Local Citations

Why Do I Need Citations And What The Heck Are They

Local citations are like digital references for your business on the internet.

They’re like having your business listed in the local phone book but online! These citations show up on websites, directories, and social media platforms, and they tell search engines like Google that your business is real and trustworthy. But here’s the key: it’s not just about having lots of citations; it’s about having quality ones.

Quality citations come from reputable sources and include accurate and consistent information about your business, like your name, address, and phone number. When search engines see these high-quality citations, they’re more likely to boost your business’s visibility in local search results.

So, remember, it’s not about quantity; it’s about the quality of your online references that can help more people find and trust your business online.

What We Do

We offer a service to list your business on local directories, which are like online references for your business. We do all the work for you, manually submitting your business details to these directories.

Why Choose Us?

Doing local directory submissions yourself can be time-consuming, and mistakes can prevent your business from being listed. We have experienced experts who can quickly and accurately list your business, driving traffic and boosting your online presence within days.

Features of Our Service

  • We use top authority directories in every plan.
  • We add extra details like logos, videos, pictures, and social media accounts.
  • We check for existing listings to avoid duplicates.
  • Our submissions are fully manual, ensuring quality and accuracy.
  • You get a report with live links for auto-approve directories and login info for non-auto-approve ones.
  • All citations go through quality control.
  • Our team consists of over 100 citation experts.
  • It’s a one-time fee with no monthly subscriptions, and you have control over the listings.
  • Directory listings provide traffic, backlinks, trust, PR, and SERP boosts.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your service different? We focus on high-quality listings, avoid duplicates, and use top directories with traffic. Our manual work ensures accuracy and effectiveness.
  • Do you guarantee live listings? Most of our listings are on auto-approve directories, and about 80% become live listings. However, we can’t guarantee listings for manually approved directories.
  • How do I verify my listings? We provide a report with profile URLs for auto-approve directories and login info for the rest, allowing you to check your listings later.
  • What information do you need? You’ll need to provide us with your business details, including name, address, URL, category, keywords, description, owner name, contact info, and more.
  • How do you choose directories? We pick high PR directories with traffic, good domain authority, and a quick approval process to maximize your chances of approval and traffic.

Our local directory listing service is all about quality, ensuring your business gets the attention it deserves online. We work manually, avoid duplicates, and prioritize high-quality directories to boost your online visibility effectively. If you have existing citations, contact us before ordering.



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